Applier & Vasoclip

이전 다음 비흡수성 폴리머 잠금 결찰 시스템 Radiolucent, Inert Non-conductive Biocompatibility Superior ligation security No deformation when clamped blood vessel


이전 다음 U-Tractor 상처 후퇴 시스템 Circumferential retraction provides maximum exposure, minimum incision size Distributes force evenly around the incision,


이전 다음 표준 및 옵션 Easy to set up, simple to use Anti-collision of each surgical device Double universal seal


이전 다음 표준 및 옵션 Single-use thoracic trocar Transparent sleeve provides clear view Threaded sleeve of non-slipping Blunt tip design


이전 다음 표준 및 옵션 Developed with Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Visually distinguishable colorful head Ergonomic head for use