Capable of Managing Numerous Number of Patienits (Up to 256 Pateints)

Add Tap and increase bed number for simultaneous monitoring
16 beds display
9 beds display(3×3)- Option
4 beds display(2×2)- Option

Easy connection with Central System

You can connect with patient monitor without any extra settings. (Auto)

You can easily select the options.

Convenient Bi-directional Control

Bi-directional communication with VOTEM Patient monitors
NIBP Go/Stop
Alarm buttom
Alarm setting
Event data
Bi-directional communication about Alarm setting 3-wave change, wave speed
Alarm setting
Wave select
Wave speed

Abundant Storage for Monitoring

Abundant storage capacity(~GB) can handle various multi-waveforms and parameter monitoring information.
Max 30 day’s(720hours) save

Central Monitoring System (LAN & Wireless)

Complete solution for LAN and wireless LAN networking.
Max 30 day’s(720hours) save


You can save and print out the records of text trend, graphic trend, event wave, etc.
Text Trend
Graphic Trend
EVENT Viewer ( 2,000 EA save )
WAVE Reviewer ( 6 Day save )

Consol solutions (development stage)


Central Monitoring System